While Waiting for The Plane, Santa Cruz Actors’ Theater’s “Eight Tens @ 8” Festival

“In ‘While Waiting for The Plane,’ two gifted young performers, Ben Pletcher and Sarah Kauffman, take on the roles of three successive, highly contrasting pairs of delayed airline passengers with a comic timing and precision that is as slick as anything that happens at this year’s festival.”  Philip Pearce, Performing Arts Monterey Bay



The Men’s Room Monologues, Santa Cruz Actors’ Theater’s “Eight Tens @ 8” Festival

“Several individual actors such as … Sarah Kauffman as Claire in “The Men’s Room Monologues” deserve admiration.”  Joanne Engelhardt, Santa Cruz Sentinel


The Men’s Room Monologues is funny, insightful, and well-acted by Sarah Kauffman.”  Philip Pearce, Performing Arts Monterey Bay



The 39 Steps, River Valley Rep

“Four talented actors … fully engage this murder-comedy with tour-de-force acumen … Adding mystery as well as romance to the mix is Sarah Kauffman in three female roles … Kauffman (as Annabella Schmidt) creates suspense early on … Fine acting … This is a show not to be missed!”
Marcus Kalipolites, Poughkeepsie Times Herald-Record


Connect Five, The Common Tongue @ Ars Nova


“Juliet and Eric, commendably acted by Sarah Kauffman and Michael Pantozzi”
Clifford Lee Johnson III, Backstage


“The actors speak their words with a great conviction and attention to their own communication (whether their characters are successful or totally deficient in their attempts).”
Molly Marinik,


Babes in Arms, Berkshire Theatre Festival


“Leave it to sunny, plucky Susie Ward – Sarah Kauffman, who’s quite wonderful and pretty much carries the whole show.”
Sandy MacDonald, Boston Globe


“Several performers are stand-outs.  Sarah Kauffman … is very effective in the song ‘Imagine’ and in the romantic ballad ‘My Funny Valentine.’  She also makes a mock seduction scene into something hilarious, not easy to do these days.”
J. Peter Bergman, Blog the Berkshires


Where Has Tommy Flowers Gone?, Berkshire Theatre Festival

“Sarah Kauffman, who played deadpan in this season’s opener, The Illusion, manages two wonderfully different characters in Tommy’s Mother and First Lady … In her first role, she is acid poured over glass and in her second appearance she is divinely comic and just a hair below over-the-top.  Her playing here is perfection.”
J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus

“Several cast members deserve singling out … Sarah Kauffman, who did fine, funny work recently in BTF’s The Illusion, is equally good as both Tommy’s mother and the nation’s first lady.”
Steve Barnes, Albany Times-Union

“Sarah Kauffman well utilizes her flair for comedy as Tommy’s mom and the ditzy First Lady.”
Dan Valenti, WBRK Radio


The Illusion, Berkshire Theatre Festival

“The hysterically funny Sarah Kauffman, as a scheming, devious lady in waiting … nearly steals the show.”
Seth Rogovoy, Berkshire Living

“Sarah Kauffman, as the maid, is deliciously pert and fiercely intelligent.”
Shirley Safran, CurtainUp

“Of the more earthy characters, only Sarah Kauffman, in her various incarnations of the serving girl, navigates successfully between high rhetoric and wink-wink depravity.”
James A. Lopata, InNewsweekly

“Sarah Kauffman, as a meddling maid, is a sparky delight.”
Steve Barnes, Albany Times-Union

“The biggest crowd pleaser was Sarah Kauffman.  Her charm and charisma lent to the appreciation of the parts she played.”
Sandy Michel,

“Special mention must be made of … Kauffman, who successfully convey[s] a wide range of emotions.”
Paul Lamar, Schenectady Daily Gazette

“Sarah Kauffman displays a perky wit as the ladies’ three maids.”
Chesley Plemmons, Danbury, CT News-Times

“Sarah Kauffman is good as the maid/companion … her lines are fun and she delivers them well.”
J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus

I Do! I Do!, Berkshire Theatre Festival

“Kauffman is a natural musical leading lady who shows impressive musical range.”
Fred Sokol, The Republican

“Sarah Kauffman brings an appealing presence and nuanced voice to Agnes … It’s a performance that is never less than adept and often more than beguiling.”
Ralph Hammann, The Advocate

“The two stars … are fascinating to watch as they age … and have excellent acting expertise.”
Bob Couture, The Daily Gazette